Local Policies

My belief is that the way forward is working together to achieve what is best for Glenfaba & Peel. 

Since last September, I have been working with the commissioners and others on many projects including the sewage treatment plants, regeneration, roads, chamber of trade, off-street parking, the creation of a Western Housing Authority and improvement of the Food Park, in particular the drainage.

As a result significant progress has been achieved for a sewage plant for Peel and St Johns as well as funding for regeneration.


Originally the plan for Peel was an open sewage plant to meet 1976 bathing quality standards. After much hard work, research and negotiation, we finally reached an agreement with Manx Utilities for the building of a closed sewage treatment plant for Peel with tertiary Ultra-Violet treatment, which meets the highest European standards.

Last September it was clear that money had not yet been set aside for a sewage treatment plant in Peel and that the work had stalled. After I expressed strong concerns in Tynwald, the Treasury brought forward funding in the Budget for the design fees and preliminary studies.

Significant progress has now been made. Manx Utilities have confirmed that Peel and St Johns will have a covered sewage treatment plant in 2019. An environmental impact survey has begun. The location of the Peel plant is being finalised.

Doctors & Schools

The health care strategy will channel more care and resources into the community, rather than simply into Nobles hospital. I will continue to press for the expansion of the present Peel Medical Centre and implementation of First Responder unit.

I am supporting efforts for more provision for pre-school and after school clubs in Peel. I am also pushing plans for a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) block at QEII.

Business & Infrastructure

We have created a Peel Chamber of Trade and Commerce. We need to support our farming and fishing, and build on our art and cultural heritage. One aim is to develop the Food Park to its full potential and possibly to set up artist units in Mill Road.

Infrastructure must meet the needs of the growing population. Work is being carried out to restore buildings and repair worn out infrastructure. This is part of a greater vision both to attract tourism and business to the West and to enhance its historic buildings and natural beauty.

Earlier this year I instigated several road repairs with the DOI, and more are in the pipeline including East Quay, Market Street and Castle Street.

Some good ideas from the recent public regeneration workshop included tourist map signage, a heritage trail, a local market, and improved parking which are being explored.
I was delighted to open the Arts Festival at the beginning of May as creative industries are a sector of the economy which can be much further developed.

My aim is to be open and always ready to listen and to that end I have hold regular surgeries, as well as publishing my first newsletter and regular updates through my website, twitter and Facebook page.



One response to “Local Policies

  1. Kevin Oliver

    Hi Ray, I wish the Market Place regeneration was funded to cover Michael St. and Athol Place. Is there any view to this happening in the future? Its customers that are needed in Peel Town. But, with no where to park or at least limited parking. It seems it would make sense for Peel to get out of the back water attitude and put another level on the existing car park (known by many as Looneys carpark) this would encourage visitors/local shoppers/night time parties for local food venues and those seeking local entertainment including the Centenery Centre. All of which add to the local economy, which is needed. Open air events also need the extra space for cars and disability vehicles. Is there a set amount of disability spaces that are required for a town this size? I know the small winding streets make for congestion but, building upwards could be good for Peel. If there was a terrace overlooking the market place, with a little thought it could be advantageous and attractive. Its a lot of money now. But, its much more money in the future. Investment is needed, to build upon. Treading water gets tiring and doesn’t move Peel forward. Peel needs some of this money that Douglas is soaking up or about to soak up. For the good of the island as well as Peel. People need to see that the rest of the island has something to offer as well. Regards Kevin

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