Treasury funding to get things started for Sewage Treatment in Peel

Extract from Treasury Minister’s speech to Tynwald 17/11/15

Turning now to the comments of the Hon. Member for Peel, I can understand his concerns that the sewerage infrastructure for Peel has not been replaced to bring it up to modern standards. I would like to reassure him that Treasury intends to make capital provision in the forthcoming Budget for the design fees associated with this work. There was a modest provision made in the current year’s capital budget for 2016-17. I will be recommending that the sum of £1.25 million will be included. Assuming that there are no unexpected delays with the acquisition of the site, the planning process and an environmental impact survey, I would anticipate the construction works will begin in the 2018-19 financial year. But, as always, this will be subject to the approval of this Hon. Court.


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  1. Anonymous

    Well done, Ray! You’re doing well to maintain the pressure. Do ask PHT if you feel that we can help.

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