Site for Peel Sewage Treatment Plant Identified

The site for Peel Sewage Plant has been identified as Glenfaba House, Glenfaba Road, Raggatt.  This is an excellent step towards resolving the pumping of raw sewage into Peel Bay.

The location means there will be no need for operational traffic to drive through Peel and it will have minimal visual impact.

More can be found at:

Manx Radio Link







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3 responses to “Site for Peel Sewage Treatment Plant Identified


    Excellent news. The sight sounds well chosen. Let us hope that it all proceeds smoothly and that our beach becomes for for purpose. Sybil Gilbert

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  2. good news Ray – I did hear today on the mannin line.

    the issue shall be if it is pre-sited with a trust-issue (I think that site belongs to a trust company) and you shall need a written signed letter from all the trustees to declare “non-ownership” and given  to the Manx Utlilities. that is what the people of the west would like to hear. well done, been years since the raggart got a look in. you need to mention the word “future” more on the radio aswell. NathAn.everything is fine in Douglas at the moment.


  3. John Gilbert

    Well done Ray. An excellent result which I really hope other residents will support this time. Your frequent and timely communications are much appreciated too. Best regards, John Gilbert

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