Emergency Coronavirus Measures Announced

Emergency measures to protect the Isle of Man and its residents in light of the global coronavirus pandemic have been announced. These measures include:

  • Anyone arriving in the Isle of Man from 23.59 tomorrow (Tuesday 17 March) will be required to take immediate action:
    • Those displaying symptoms of coronavirus will be required to self-isolate for at least 14 days
    • Those not displaying symptoms of coronavirus will be required to self-isolate for at least 14 days, to eliminate the possibility they are carrying infection
  • Those aged 70 and over or pregnant or have underlying health conditions are strongly advised to take extra care to prevent the possibility of being infected. More guidance will be issued shortly
  • The 2020 Isle of Man TT is cancelled to protect the Island’s critical care services
  • Schools will remain open
  • Testing for coronavirus in the community will be stepped up with immediate effect
  • Due to the measures being introduced today, at this stage Government will not be placing any restriction on public gatherings
  • The Government will be taking necessary steps to postpone both the 2020 local authority general elections and the Douglas South by-election until further notice
  • A package of measures will be introduced by the Treasury to support the Island’s workforce and protect the economy

More can be found on signs and symptoms about coronavirus and advice on self-isolation at http://www.gov.im/coronavirus



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2 responses to “Emergency Coronavirus Measures Announced

  1. Anonymous

    Have there been any detected cases in the iom as of today?


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