Fight continues for Clean Beaches & Bathing Waters in Peel and the West

Manx Utilities have withdrawn their planning application for sewage treatment in the West. This is so disappointing after all the efforts made over a long period of time to find a solution.

It is set against the the backdrop of Tynwald approving the latest EU bathing standards and four beaches on the Island being designated as clean bathing beaches.

It is incredible that Peel is still pumping raw sewage, wet wipes and plastics into our sea with the damage that causes our wildlife and natural environment. For Peel and the West this is fight we must continue.


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One response to “Fight continues for Clean Beaches & Bathing Waters in Peel and the West

  1. John Wardle

    If raw sewage continues to enter Peel Bay, and the beach fails to reach bathing water standards, surely there is a duty to put up signs warning potential bathers of this. At a time when the dangers of infectious diseases are highlighted, it would be negligent not to make people aware of the potential hazard.


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